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We are a small business, therefore your understanding is appreciated.

Starting Friday 14th June at 7pm

Bookings can be made through Pachamama Wellbeing 

Please contact Nicola on 0781472910

Payment plan available 

If you want to develop your awareness, let go of negative thoughts and unhelpful emotions, and find a feeling of calm in your body and mind, then this is the programme for you. 

This non judgemental meditation practice helps you to witness rather than punish yourself for your thoughts and emotions. Stress and anxiety come from a place in the past and concern for an uncertain future. 

Learning to tune out all that background noise and live in the moment, "fix" that is in your control and let go of what is not. This is the path for a healthy, calmer, and more positive outlook on life.

In a world full of uncertainty and the digital age, working out what is real and what is not really does affect our mental health. It is time to take back control and listen to the inner you.


Saturday 10th August 10:30am - 2:30pm

Location: Pachamama Wellbeing

Our day includes Meditation, Qi Movement/Dance, Breathwork, Women's Circle, Journalling & Yoga Nidra. A day of discovering the inner you among alpacas.

Tickets £60: includes booking fees, a small gift bag; which also inc. a book and pen for journalling, the meet & greet with alpacas and any refreshments.

Please bring a light lunch, cushion, blanket, or mat.


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