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Becoming Me: the road to Self

The Many Faces of Me.

So much importance has been placed on the outer appearance, that we suddenly start to think we are what we wear. When in fact we are what we think.

But what if we can let go of our ego, (and not care so much what other people think), then we can start to develop our true self. The person on the inside, the kind, compassionate, loving, generous soul. The achiever of a good life, well lived. 

Getting older, and practicing more meditation, has certainly taught me to care less what others think. Let's be honest, it really isn't my business what others think of me. But it is important what I think of me.

However, the real self is not the one with orange or red hair, the latest trend, the fashionista. It is in fact the person inside the shell, that is the true self. 

All the time, we hear about people going off to "find themselves". But we are already here, standing right here. Look in the mirror, take a selfie - there we are!

With the age of technology even more importance has been placed on the outer appearance. And because of that, suddenly we start to think we are what we wear, we are how tall we are, or what size clothes we wear or what some else says we should be. Even worse, where we're seen and who we're with. 

For me Self-development came through my Buddhism and my practice in meditation, teaching Asylum Seekers and Refugees, being part of my local community. It really has taught me, about the real me

So even though I wear clothes of many patterns and colours (yes, together, I told you I don't care) and I change my hair colour like the wind and might get noticed for it. It really is  just how you recognise me in the street. I know the real me and actually, I quite like me. 

Don't get me wrong, I still want to look nice, but my kind of nice. Not some stupid impossible standard some stranger - somewhere out there - has decided I/we should be, so I can say I fit in. 

For happiness goes, where happiness is. And if you want, 'Come get your happy on' and join me for some self discovery and development in meditation, I'd be delighted to see YOU.

Article written by: Anneliese 27th May 2023. 

Monkey Mind 

When our thoughts are racing and filling our heads, it is known as a "Monkey Mind," and we all know monkeys equal trouble. 

However, in order to tame that troublesome monkey, we need to make friends with it.

Easier said than done, right? 

Our busy lives mean we don't always know where to start. Meditation is a great starting place and scientificly proven to benefit our health and well-being. 

But trying to start on our own can be overwhelming. There are so many apps out there. 

How do we know what is right? 

Is digital technology making the monkey even more erratic? 

So, finding routine and learning techniques can be frustrating and overwhelming. A face-to-face meditation circle might just be the answer.

*You get to be with like-minded people. 

*You can enjoy the group energy and relaxed atmosphere. 

*You'll be guided through the process to help you.

*And have a dedicated time to focus on meditation

Sounds like just what you need? 


Wújí stance: the correct starting position for standing meditation and before commencing

Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 

Wújí is a Chinese word to mean "limitless".

How to stand in wújí

  • Stand with your feet hips-width distance apart
  • Knees soft, not locked
  • Pelvis tucked and level
  • Tailbone released
  • The head is lifted
  • The spine is straight, but relaxed
  • The tongue is on the roof of the mouth
  • Eyes - in soft focus


We use gentle forms of Qi Gong at Satori in 3 forms


  • Breath - regulating our breath and using different patterns
  • Movement - which are gentle and smooth, aimed at moving our energy and benefitting our physical wellbeing
  • Mind - focusing our awareness.

Wújí, therefore, is our starting point - standing meditation before we move into Qi Gong.

To read more about wújí please go to the Blog/New/Updates page. 

The Lotus/ Padmasanum is NOT the only posture for meditation.

Not everyone can get into the 'Lotus'/ padmasanum position. It is important to be comfortable, that hips and knees are at the same level and the spine is straight but relaxed into. There are various ways you can achieve this.

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