Meet Anneliese

Hi, I'm Anneliese.

I am a certified teacher of meditation (qualified with distinction) and a member of the Complementary Medical Association. Also I have been practicing meditation myself for over 20 years. Combining my training and self practice has allowed me to set up Satori_Life_Balance_Wellness, which is based in Abergavenny, South Wales.

I grew up in the Welsh Marches before moving to SouthWales in 2001 and more than half my working life has been in the Education sector. My career has been wide and varied, and includes 5 wonderful and fascinating years living and working in China.

With my love of meditation, I wanted to combine it and my teaching. So here I am. I hope to share all the wonderful benefits of meditation with you.

My aim: to bring like minded people together, to learn and practice meditation in a healthy and stable environment. 

From those that are just curious, to those who practice daily. I will help you develop awareness of self, wellbeing and learn techniques in order to build routine and bring balance into your daily life. In the future I hope to bring many more offerings to you.

Come join the Satori Meditation Circle

I'm ready! Let's do it!



As a Reflexologist, I was luckily enough to be trained by world renowned Reflexologist, Beryl Crane. I am qualified in Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology Theory, and Reflex Zone Therapy (as of 1994).

I am not currently offering Reflexology, but shall be offering this in the future - stay tuned


Anneliese Cheadle MCMA:

Meditation Teacher and Reflexologist


Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

Meditation Teacher Diploma (with distinction)

PGCE in Education (USW)

Qi Gong/Chi Gung Diploma (with distinction)

Reflexology Diploma

Shinrin-Yoku Diploma (in progress)

Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma (in progress)

Zone Therapy Certificate 



Complimentary Medical Association

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